Nikos Athanassakis


Classic Music


Works for Guitar

  • Suite Elxis in 5 movements
  • Suite E.I.R.I.N.I. in 6 movements (dedicated to Eirini Polydoroy)
  • Three Nocturnes 
  • Sonata for Guitar in 3 movements
  • Sonata II for Guitar in 3 movements (dedicated to Smaro Gregoriadou)
  • Sonata III for Guitar in 3 movements (dedicated to Smaro Gregoriadou)
  • Greek Dances Suitein 3 movements (dedicated to Smaro Gregoriadou)
  • From my point of view
  • Taygetus Mountain (dedicated to Eva Fampas)
  • M. A. T.  
  • Three Preludes  (dedicated to Smaro Gregoriadou)



Chamber Music


  • Reflections on Glass (E.Y.A.) for guitar and string quartet (dedicated to Eva Fampas) 
  • Guitar 4, for 4 guitars
  • String Quartet No 1 in 3 movements 
  • String Quartet No 2 in 2 movements (dedicated to F. Fellini)
  • Towards for piano trio 
  • Invocation (Epiklisis)  for violin and piano
  • Fluet for two flutes (dedicated to Iwona Glinka)
  • Antilogos for violin and flute
  • November for guitar and violin
  • June for guitar and violin  


Works for solo piano

  • Suite Baroque Style (prelude, allemande, courante, sarabande, menuet, gigue)
  • Variations on a theme of Telemman


Works for solo violin

  • Greek suite in three movements (dedicated to Tania Sikelianou) 
  • Achos Atermon (Endless Sound) (dedicated to Tania Sikelianou)
  • Ideal Idol etude in A mirror (dedicated to Tania Sikelianou)


Syphonic Works

  • Promitheon Topoi, Makronisos, Oratorio for symphonic orchestra, 4-voices choir, 4 soloists and 2 narrators, poetry: Marianthi Aleiferopoulou – Chalvatzi 




  • Poetry K. P. Kavafy
    • Keria (Candles),
    • Teihi (Walls),
    • Mnimi (Memory),
    • Ionikon (from Ionia)


  • Poetry Jose Marti
    • Cultivo,
    • Aquí está el pecho mujer,
    • Por tus ojos encendidos,
    • Jo quiero salir del mundo,   
    • Yo soy un hombre sincero 


  • CD Album Makria (Far Away) featuring Eirini Polydorou
    • Trelos Notias, poetry Antonis Kassitas
    • Anachoritis, poetry Athanassios Vavlidas
    • Chochard Oneiron, poetry Antonis Kassitas 
    • Nai, eimai ego, lyrics Kimon Rigopoulos
    • Peiratiko Navagio, poetry Antonis Kassitas
    • Taxidi, poetry Antonis Kassitas
    • Emmanouil, lyrics Eirini Polydorou
    • Anachorisi, lyrics Ioannis Andreadis
    • Doma, lyrics Eirini Polydorou


  • CD Album Alexis, lyrics Alexis Papakostas
    • Rain song, rainy day
    • Min
    • Alexis


  • Poetry Aggeliki Sidira Papakosta
    • Taxidi gia to pouthena


  • Poetry Ilias Venezis 
    • Ilie pou vreheis tin Ellada


  • Poetry Athanassios Vavlidas
    • To keno
    • Stagones
    • Martyrio
    • Ouranos
    • Otan o ilios




Music for Theatre

  • I love mnimonio, direction Ioannis Andreadis
  • Cyclop’s survival, direction Ioannis Andreadis
  • Backs to the Trash, direction Kimonas Rigopoulos
  •  Sarakosti, from Cassandra to Maria, direction Eirini Polydorou
  • Eros, Erevos, direction Eirini Polydorou




Music for Cinema

  • My baby is coming, documentary, directed by Alexis Ponce and Vivi Zografou (Audience Award in Thessaloniki Festival) 
  • Parenthood, documentary, directed by Alexis Ponce
  • Bourou (Naval Horn), documentary, directed by Antonis Kassitas
  • N.O.  S. U. G. A. R., short film, directed by Eirini Polydorou, (Critics Award in Falcon International Film Festival/ London 2018, Best Actress & Film of the Month Awards in Eurasia International Film Festival/ Moscow 2017, Nominee for Online Audience Prize in 10th Entre todo Human Rights Short Film Festival/ Sao Paolo 2017)